Fix Buffalo?

David Torke runs a blog called Fix Buffalo.  He is a good guy with some good ideas for the city.  Or is he?  David is a typical politicial activist, he has agendas, both private and public for his interests.  He is a avid 'urban explorer', or so he claims.  He will take groups of unexperienced people, into abandonments illegally in order to give them a 'tour' of the neighbourhoods.  He will physically break into buildings using force, and encourages people to take 'momentos' from them.

The first snow!

Yeah, thats right. Buffalo got its first decent snow fall tonight.  Being a Canadian I love snow. It was fun to get out and drive. I tested the new jeep out...


'Roadwolf' has been a nick name for me for many years now.  Many people have asked about its origins, and I must say they were very unique.  Of course a true nick name is always given to you by your friends.  But as it turned out, 'Roadwolf' was first conceived by myself, on Yahoo!


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