The Aud: Final Moments

A few weeks ago I spoke to a volunteer at the naval park about the Aud.  I told him of my adventures, and spoke of the poor conditions I saw inside.  We got into a nice long discussion about how the Aud could not of logically been used for anything other then what it was purpose built for.  And while it was a great building with many memories, it was time to go.

SimCity 4

Being a curious...  'nerd' like myself.  I love watching things grow and develop.  I also like prodding at those things and influencing them over time.  Thus the study of urban expansion has interested me for a very long time.  In grade school and high school, most of my 'art' in Art Class consisted of intricate maps which I hand drew.  Into high school my passion was directed more at studying how towns began, and sprang up.  For example, I would look at a town in an atlas, and wonder...  Okay, so why did this town settle here?


So nightbird and I went to Canada today to apply for our NEXUS cards because I really do not feel like mailing in my birth certificate to apply for a passport.  Our NEXUS Cards are being mailed to us in 10 days or so.   So we had to cross back to the US without any passports or anything.

The funny part, was that they had no problems with me, because I had my residency card, and that is apparently good enough.  But nightbird, who is American, got a non compliance ticket....   I laughed.


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