Emergency Light Art

Blue LX4 LED lights, light up a country road.

I did some interesting photography lastnight.  I went out to a country road near Buffalo and took these photos of my lights.  I did have to edit them in photoshop a bit but otherwise they are pretty representative of what you can see with the naked eye while each light is active.  If you look close you can actually notice the fireflys in the photos.

Another I-190 Accident!

I got up early this morning to install my new LX4 LED grill lights on the Jeep.  I went to Timmies of course first, and got my breakfast.  Then returned home, and began to remove my grill.  I got the last screw off and I hear tires screeching and then a bang of metal vs.

Fathers Day Weekend!

Nightbird and I decided to go up and visit everyone this past weekend.  On Saturday we drove up to Toronto in a refreshing rain storm.  We ended up driving up to Dixon Road and picking up my friend 'Skelly' who had come in from Oregon to spend a few days in Toronto.  So we picked him up and then headed down to 'Avatar-X's loft to hang out for a bit.  Richard was there and we all sat around and watched some videos for a bit until it was time to head to a Toronto UE meet!


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