Cottage Cheese?

Ahh yes !  Friday night and things are hopping !   My friends and I met up and we went downtown with a camera in hand.  We went to Yonge and Dundas, in Toronto, and started asking people random questions with the camera recording.  We got a few interesting comments and had fun filming people.

Saturday My girlfriend and I took a trip out east towards peterbrough and lakefeild for a nice drive...   we ended up stopping by my uncles cottage and he nicely offered us dinner.  Afterwards we headed back into peterbrough along a canal and checked out the Peterbrough Lift Locks.

Trip to South Bend

So I went to South Bend for a wedding.  One of my Girlfriends friends.   It was a fun week, We explored the old Studebaker Plant in South Bend, Indiana.  And also a old Ammo plant in Kingsbury (I Think).  Then afterward we went to Detroit on the way home...   wow, there is a place to write home about.  In the downtown core maybe 70 to 80 % of the buildings were abandoned.  It was like a ghost town.  I have never seen anything like it before.   only 30% of the traffic lights we saw were actually funct

The Sims

Well this weekend was fun.  I had very little cash to spend so I couldn't travel and explore new places like I tend to do every other weekend.  So I ended up staying at home, and I bought (on credit card) a new game to occupy me.


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