TS2009: Double Track Mainline from Tyvan to Pandora.

I decided to have a little fun today and work on the farm area arond Tyvan.  Tyvan is a small stop along the mainline at about Mile 18 or so.  It includes a Grain Elevator and a Feedlot for Cattle, which often hires the railroad to transport live cattle to the slaughterhouse.  The town also includes a VIA Rail platform.

TF2: Classless Update Perdictions

Let us take a look at the Enigmatical image in the hidden pages and dissect it a little.

First off, lets look at the name of this page.  "enigmatical"

Team Fortress 2: The Classless Update!

Well it seels like Valve is doing it again.  Another Team Fortress 2 update is upon us.  This time Valve is claiming that it is a "Classless" update - implying that there will be no specific class targeted.  However they do mention in the blog post that this is because of their recent 'lack of class' in releasing the Jarate upgrade.  Therefore this very well could indicate that the classes being updated, lack class?


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