Somethings Wrong!

You know something is wrong with the world, when a multi billion dollar international company only has 14 jobs listed on their website, in a worldwide, all inclusive search.

Riverside Park - 4th of July

As usual, Riverside Park, in Buffalo hosted a large fireworks display on the 4th of July, along with a band and a midway with rides and a petting zoo.  Being a neighbor of the park, this year I decided to go out and take some photos.

ANNO 1404: Dawn of Discovery - Review and Guide


I can safely say that I had never heard about any of the ANNO series games until a few days ago when Dawn of Discovery was released on Steam.  I checked the screen shots on Steam and liked what I saw.  I did some research and found a demo of the game through the developers website.  I enjoyed the demo so much, that I kept playing it a few times after the 60 minutes ran out.


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