So nightbird and I went to Canada today to apply for our NEXUS cards because I really do not feel like mailing in my birth certificate to apply for a passport.  Our NEXUS Cards are being mailed to us in 10 days or so.   So we had to cross back to the US without any passports or anything.

The funny part, was that they had no problems with me, because I had my residency card, and that is apparently good enough.  But nightbird, who is American, got a non compliance ticket....   I laughed.

The Ice Beneath You

I just finished reading The Ice Beneath You by Christian Bale.  It is a wartime novel set in Somalia and follows the life of a Private during the war, before the war, and after the war.

I must say that a lot of the story seemed to revolve around the main character trying, and failing, to really come to terms with his purpose in life.  In some ways it is a story about how someones life can begin to tumble slowly, and then cascade into an epic downfall.  And after reaching rock bottom, the climb back up to a somewhat 'normal' life, was long and difficult.

Sniper.. Spy.. What?


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