I hope everyone had a good holiday season. Mine was better then last year, however I do not imagine Christmas or any holiday will be nearly as enjoyable unless I am with my family. I miss you all, and hope to see everyone soon! Those thanksgiving's at Ron and Viv's place... Christmas at Debbie and Bruce's... And of course Ray and Loraine's. It's memories like that which make me realize how much I miss all my family.

How to be Helpful while Volunteering.

A lot of my volunteering experience was solo and done at my own expense and desire. While it is always risky putting yourself in danger to help others, there is a rewarding feeling you get when you are able to help someone who is having a very bad day.  So long as you know what you are doing.

Finding The Ideal Vehicle

I have had a few vehicles over the years. My first was a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis. It was a good car, other then the transmission issues. But being my first car I was hard on it. I bought it specifically for Volunteer work, with the original intent as a highway patrol vehicle.


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