GTA Tornados

Several structures and several hundred vehicles were damaged or destroyed in Toronto on Thursday Evening.  With the late rush hour crowd headed home from work, several funnel clouds touched down in York Region, and Durham.  One person, possibly a child is confirmed dead in the Town of Durham.

First Drill

Welp, my first official fire drill was lastnight.  What an experience that was!  I learn't a lot, and actually got to fight a car fire right off the bat.  I felt kind of like I was tossed into the scene, and was told to put it out quick, but there was very little instruction as to what I should be doing, whos on the hose,  whos grabbing the tools, etc...  So I just grabbed the hose and went.  One of the Officers was beside me showing me what to do once we started approaching.

TS2009: Double Track Mainline from Tyvan to Pandora.

I decided to have a little fun today and work on the farm area arond Tyvan.  Tyvan is a small stop along the mainline at about Mile 18 or so.  It includes a Grain Elevator and a Feedlot for Cattle, which often hires the railroad to transport live cattle to the slaughterhouse.  The town also includes a VIA Rail platform.


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