Time After Time.

For a long time I thought, gee I had it made. Great, loving wife, good job, nice house. Things are going well.

But things really aren't well. Over the years, my wife and I have drifted apart. It wasn't quite as apparent early on. We both had opposing work shifts, and being that we were also polyamorous, often the loneliness of not having her around, was supplemented by some other relationship. But in the back of my mind, I always loved my wife above all, and trusted that the love we had was strong.

Good Friends

Through the years I have made many many friends over the internet. In fact, it has historically been the most common place where I would end up making new friends. It is also the medium which I tend to use to keep in touch with those friends. Indeed, I am not alone in this. Many people rely on the internet to make friends, and for some, it is their only means to make friends. This becomes a problem when we are too scared to step out of the digital world, and meet those friends face to face.

Cognitive Dissonance: Human Race and Sexuality

Listening to coverage of the latest news events, I must wonder to myself about the future of our race as human beings. The issue begins when simple gestures, of a suggestive nature, start to be seen as evil deeds. We are all animals when it comes down to it. We have primal urges to seek out mates, and procreate and continue the survival of our species. As a human being, the meaning of our life is to really survive and prosper and procreate. Like any other animal, survival and evolution is the ultimate end game.


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