This past weekend while I was up in Toronto, my friend Mike decided to take me out Foaming.  Foaming is geek speak for Train Watching.  I often engage in this hobby as I obviously enjoy trains.  We started out at an old stomping ground of mine, in Vandorf, Ontario.  My uncle lives just down the road from this crossing.  While I was in COVERT (Volunteer Group) we often 'staged' at this crossing waiting for calls in the area, as the Town of Vandorf has no emergency services.

RWL Route Update

Another Trainz Update.

I am currently working on the city of Pandora.  As you can see, it has quite the downtown core.  The city was a railway town settled in the mountians kind of halfway between 2 major cities.  The booming coal, ore and logging industries have since helpped to grow Pandora into the city it is today.  Likewise the nearby fields have brought revenue from cash crops and livestock.

Mountain Sub

Yes, another Trainz update.  Mountain Sub between Tyvan and Pandora is now fully 2 tracked.  Here is a photo of a CN SD40u waiting to enter Pandora Yard just south of French River.  I also added some nice grass and that stretch of the route looks really wonderful from inside the cab.


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