Team Fortress 2: The Classless Update!

Well it seels like Valve is doing it again.  Another Team Fortress 2 update is upon us.  This time Valve is claiming that it is a "Classless" update - implying that there will be no specific class targeted.  However they do mention in the blog post that this is because of their recent 'lack of class' in releasing the Jarate upgrade.  Therefore this very well could indicate that the classes being updated, lack class?

AI Text Bots.

The Battle of the Bots is on it seems.  Different companies and independant geeks alike are creating AI bots capable of fully interacting with humans and participating in conversation.  In my brief experienc eusing said bots over the last 48 hours or so, I have found Cleverbot to be one of the most accurate in terms of being able to hold a interesting and entertaining conversation with.


So I am starting up this new emergency services website.  911 is supposed to be a 'craigslist-like' classifieds website, which of course will be totally free for anyone to use.  It is specifically focused on emergency responders.  Flashing Lights, Radios, Vehicles, Gear...  New and used...  Whatever!   If you have emergency gear, post it on there.


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