AI Text Bots.

The Battle of the Bots is on it seems.  Different companies and independant geeks alike are creating AI bots capable of fully interacting with humans and participating in conversation.  In my brief experienc eusing said bots over the last 48 hours or so, I have found Cleverbot to be one of the most accurate in terms of being able to hold a interesting and entertaining conversation with.


So I am starting up this new emergency services website.  911 is supposed to be a 'craigslist-like' classifieds website, which of course will be totally free for anyone to use.  It is specifically focused on emergency responders.  Flashing Lights, Radios, Vehicles, Gear...  New and used...  Whatever!   If you have emergency gear, post it on there.

Canada's Highway of Steel

This article, originally printed in the December 1994 edition of National Geographic, caught my eye, and my heart ever since I laid eyes on it.  Having always been a fan of trains, this article gave me a much deeper understanding of their role in society - and of their role in keeping countries together.  I have been wanting to re-type the whole article here on my blog, as it has been such an inspiration to myself.  I have however been worried about copyrights and such.  That being said, I finally decided to type it up.  If I receive a request to remove it, I shall.  However at the moment,


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