First Drill

Welp, my first official fire drill was lastnight.  What an experience that was!  I learn't a lot, and actually got to fight a car fire right off the bat.  I felt kind of like I was tossed into the scene, and was told to put it out quick, but there was very little instruction as to what I should be doing, whos on the hose,  whos grabbing the tools, etc...  So I just grabbed the hose and went.  One of the Officers was beside me showing me what to do once we started approaching.

TS2009: Double Track Mainline from Tyvan to Pandora.

I decided to have a little fun today and work on the farm area arond Tyvan.  Tyvan is a small stop along the mainline at about Mile 18 or so.  It includes a Grain Elevator and a Feedlot for Cattle, which often hires the railroad to transport live cattle to the slaughterhouse.  The town also includes a VIA Rail platform.

TF2: Classless Update Perdictions

Let us take a look at the Enigmatical image in the hidden pages and dissect it a little.

First off, lets look at the name of this page.  "enigmatical"


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