COVERT Operations

I was thinking about the old group I used to run called COVERT.  Basically we did Fire Police duties.  Road Closures, Traffic Control, First Response, etc...   We were quite successful for a privately funded and operated volunteer response group.  At the time we were by no means official.  But to the police on scene, it did not really matter.  We knew what we were doing, and in some cases we even taught the officers various things about traffic control that they did not know previously.

Urban Exploration

Okay, so I am trying to think of a new Urban Exploration post to do.  I know people want to see more photos of the Buffalo Aud.  But I really do not have many more decent photos to show of that place.

I haven't been exploring in some time, however many of the places I have been in the past I have never posted.  Here is a list of all the places I have photos of.


Just finished reprogramming my FT-857D which is in my Jeep.   Of course I don't have the computer program for it, nor do I have a DTMF keypad.  But I still find the FT-857 to be very user friendly and the operation of the radio is fairly straight forward.  I wouldn't suggest trying to program it while driving - but if you are a responsible driver, you shouldn't be programming any radio (or sending text messages over a radio) while driving.


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