The Link between The Book of Mary, The Mormans, The Templars and New York

Zena Halpern's book "The Templar Mission to Oak Island and Beyond" is a great read, exploring evidence of a 12th Century AD Voyage by the Knights Templar, across the Atlantic, to Oak Island, and beyond to Hunter Mountain, NY. The primary evidence for the book was a 12th century document, obtained from the Vatican, entitled "A Year We Remember" (Onteora Document).

Epic Hero Move!

Balls of Titanium! Well done.


I was gifted this wonderful game by my friend Dawson. Thanks man! What an amazing game.

Now, not much scares me. Things that probably should, don't. Which means that this game is pretty fun for me. Until I 'invest' a lot of game-money in equipment. Then I worry about losing the equipment when I die.


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