Fantasy Role-Playing 101: Part 1 - Call and Answer

Role-playing between two people will often follow a call and answer type format, with one person being the story leader, and the other person(s) participating in reaction to the environment, or the leaders actions.

Usually if both parties attempt to run the story, it will derail and flop around in several directions.  Actions will overlap and it just becomes messy and ruins the imagery.

Fantasy Role-Playing 101: Intro

Some may find it strange that I delve into fantasy role-playing from time to time.  In fact, in most cases I find that it is easier talking to people about far-out conspiracy theories, or kinky sexual topics, then it is talking about the past-time of role-playing.  It seems few people really understand what it is, and how it can be so engaging.

IMVU: X-Files RP Test

The following is a transcript of an initial test for a theme I am hoping will be fun for some unusual RP on IMVU.  The setting is a remote forest camp, with an anime girl sitting at a campfire.  I come in dressed in a suit and tie, looking like Fox Mulder from the X-Files.



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