Life Experience, Maturity, and Culture.

What is the difference between Life Experience, defined here as the accumulation of lessons learnt thru life events, and Maturity?

People do not tend to think about this question until it comes up in a conversation, so it is a good question I find to ask people randomly to see what their response it.  Their response usually indicates, to me anyhow, how intellectual and open minded they are.

The Problem With Common Core

There are many problems with common core.  It is such an expansive and all encompassing topic, which has many issues, not the least of which is what it is doing to this generation of children.  But a lot of the core problems are found in the non-profit corporations which are pushing for it.


This file here is an interesting look into this issue...  It is from No Agenda show 612.

NX-700! My newest radio!


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