Dealing With Abuse.

A common theme for me lately, has been for me to help and console ladies who have been, or are currently dealing with abuse in their lives. This has manifested typically in the form of a domestic relationship, however has also been family members and 'friends'. If you or someone you know is dealing with this, don't hesitate to seek counseling, or even shoot me an email. I typically have some free time and enjoy talking to and meeting new people. It won't hurt to chat about your situation.

Photoshopping Evidence in the Senate

The above image looks like a fairly typical refinery, right?

Well the image below is what Senator Boxer presented to the U.S. Senate in a fight against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Isn't this ... kinda illegal? Not only does the photo below appear to be an obvious photoshop, but it is a poor photoshop at that. Clouds and stack smoke don't mix like that. Refineries do not create such smoke either!

Sweet Surrender....

Having grown up listening to her music, this song was not new to me by any means. However a few nights ago, I found myself humming the tune, and singing along to the lyrics in my head. I have no idea why - I hadn't heard it recently that I can remember. However, the recent actions of taking on a sub, and watching how the bond between sub and Master forms has been quite profound. The words in the song, resonated her own words to me.


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