Windows 10 - Sad Fail

I am not too sure why it has come to this. I figured Windows 10 would be fairly decent. I mean, hey, this is the platform that Microsoft has chosen to stay with in the long run right? So I imagine it will be like Windows 7, which has been very stable for the past several years I have worked with it. Those who know me, would know that I am slow to adjust to new trends and technologies. I stay with something if it works, and I am not usually the first to jump into the unknown.

Snakes, Pets and Gardening!

I have come to find out that my yard is home to many small Northern Brown Snakes. Thus far I have identified 4 unique snakes living around my property. It likely helps that I tend to keep the back yard a bit more wild and natural around the edges. At first I wasn't quite sure what kind of snake it was. Growing up in the suburbs of Toronto, I didn't see much wildlife at all. We had tons of Squirrels and Raccoons, but not much else.


There are sadly not too many photos of my mixing days. This was before Facebook, and digital cameras were still a new fad at the time. Gee... Kinda makes me feel old.

I believe this photo was when I was mixing Counting Crows. I can tell it is from the old Announce 6 studio. I was mixing in there, using the speakers for monitors (as opposed to using just earphones), and looking in through the window into Control Room 6 where the band was preforming.


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