Star Citizen

Oh lookie here... My new ship.

Riker Talks To Data About Trust.

I recently had a conversation with someone who said that she has a hard time trusting people. I relayed the following Star Trek conversation to her as an example. Yes, total nerd move.. But hey...

Data: Recent events have left me puzzled Sir, It has been days since Ashara left, and yet my thoughts seem to dwell on her, almost as if I am experiencing a feedback loop in my numonic network.

Riker: I know what you mean.

First Douchebag (kukuruku) Encounter in Arma 3

Arma is is an amazing game, with a lot of depth and strategy involvement. It has its downsides, one of which is that you tend to need to learn how to micro manage your AI team mates fairly well, as they are not quite as smart as humans (luckily for us, right?). But its upsides, offer an amazingly realistic gameplay experience.


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