I think this movie is important to watch, not only for those in the UK, but also for any citizen in the world. While sure it is propaganda which is being produced by the LEAVE Campaign, but it is still a mostly valid and realistic look at global politics.


Today, I was listening to Saint Motel - My Type on the local radio station. I decided to concentrate on the lyrics, and got to thinking about them...

Arma 3: Liberation

As some of you may know, my favorite game these days is Arma 3. Being the realistic military simulator that it is, I can really appreciate the gameplay, and don't have to focus too much on skill points, or leveling my character.

Anyhow, I have a few game modes I really tend to enjoy on Arma 3. There is of course BECTI, which is a whole island, dynamic PvE/PvP mission involving pretty much every dynamic the game has to offer. It is a fun game mode, yes... But it is missing something.


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