Scajaquada Valley Northern Railway: Pt1


This is a fictional description of a train ride from Amherst Yard to Barrington Yard along what will eventually be my model railway. I am hoping this will help me focus on a plan.


As expected, I once again attended the Lockport Hamfest. Usually a fairly decent hamfest, this year they had moved to a larger and nicer firehall. The turnout was very decent, however people didn't tend to hang around very long, and many vendors were packing up and leaving by about 10:30 am.. I was selling, and ended up making a pre-opening trade with another vendor, for a PLC, and some Sinclair items. I did well enough I suppose, made about $100 or so. Most of which got spent later on in the day for a Sushi dinner.

The Mattress


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