Passion and Intimacy

Those of us who have passionate love which flows both directions in a relationship, are very lucky souls. It seems that such a relationship is rare, and if found should be nurtured and enjoyed and never taken for granted. When love and passion only tends to flow one direction, the relationship can be very frustrating for the person showing that love and passion. That desire... that want to be there... that need to be held and appreciated, and that longing for the person you are passionate for, to willingly, show that passion back to you, on their own accord.

Model Railroad Operation: TAC system

I have been thinking a lot about my SVNO and Model Railroad plans as of late.

It seems that the most common way for model railroaders to 'operate' their model railroads these days, is to utilize a 'car card' system. This is a system which closely follows prototypical operations, and includes cargo type, and equipment cards, for each rail car on the layout. As well as waybills listing where the car came from, and where it is going. Very detailed, yes.

The Rescue

October 20th 2014 was the day that my online friend Tailz, introduced me to Sable. Sable and I quickly grew close, often finishing each others thoughts, and finding that we have a lot of similar ways of looking at things. While we were both looking for RP partners, the relationship quickly developed beyond online Role Playing. On November 8th 2014, not even 3 weeks later, I had felt we were close enough that a collar was an option (both of us were aware that collaring was a very serious, deep commitment).


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