Surface Mount Repairs

I tend to enjoy delicate and detailed work. It is a challenge, and to me, that is what makes it fun. I treat surface mount component repair like surgery, using dental probes, and isopropyl, and cotton swabs... This, in combination with my self taught medical advice, has earned me a bit of a reputation at work as a Doctor. Not to mention the fairly well known fact that I like to collect medical items at home as well. My medical exam table is one such item, as well as my EKG monitors.

Interpersonal Challenges in the 21st Century

I often wonder about love, and relationships. What makes us attracted to someone? What influences that attraction? I can't speak for everyone, but I imagine a lot of the influence is based upon someone's up-bringing and life up until that point. We are, after-all, the sum of our life events in a way. Our experience and life shapes who we are, how we think, how we act, and how we view the people and world around us. Along the way, everyone we meet, and everything we do changes us along the path.

The Garage!

Ever since I purchased a home, one of my goals was to build a vehicle work area which was suitable enough to preform most maintenance tasks. I have finally reached that point, for the most part.

My garage, ready, willing and waiting patiently for the next project.


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