Model Railroad Operation Concept: Realism vs Compression

My Model Railroad has taken years to plan so far, and is still in the midst of a planning stage. One of the main sticking points is the decision to compress the layout, or have a more realistic layout. The choice of using N Scale is one many modelers make, because it allows them to get more layout in the space they have. This is also true with my choice. But how much compression is too much?


I do not understand the idea that globalism is a good thing. Maybe this is an understanding that I have developed as I have matured, and seen the value in preserving our own unique culture and identity. When I was younger, I will admit that I did wonder why we couldn't have a global community. I even began writing a story about how the United States began forcefully taking over every country in the world, in order to unite the world as one nation. The more I thought about it however, the more it seemed to be a terrible idea.

Culture vs Globalism

News of Trump winning the election in the USA has sparked some rather interesting displays of fear and hate around the world. It has been interesting, and even quite comical to watch how peoples worlds have been shattered. Am I a mean bully for thinking that way? Sure, maybe. However, I attribute a lot of the hate and fear mongering to those who may call themselves 'liberals'. I am speaking of the millennials, of course. Mostly those who are younger than 30, college educated, 'hipsters' who have yet to really venture out into the world on their own.


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