Dream of Model Railroads?

I had a rather interesting dream recently. It was a dream where I had progressed significantly on my model railroad to the point of having it almost completed. It was a wonderful accomplishment, and I was so proud of myself for the work I had put into it. Maybe this means I should focus more on this project of mine?


I used to exhibit the view that humans were harming the planet, and that we were all going to die, and it would be our own fault. ~nods slightly~ Yes we are all going to die. That is a natural part of life, but that is an abstract which is more of a tangent from this topic.

~ponders for a moment~ I am trying to think about the turning point, and what that turning point was for me. I know a lot of it came from the analysis that No Agenda provided for me over the years. But I think it was John Coleman who really summed things up initially.

So... Wait a second...

Sunni's equate to 90% of the Islamic population, while Shia's make up about the other 10%. ISIS is Sunni. Shia's are considered extreme Islam. But Shia's are fighting the Sunni's, so we like them. Shia's views on Islam are more pure, believing that only the blood line of Muhammed are fit to be rulers or leaders in the Islamic faith. Sunni's believe that anyone can be a leader in the faith.


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