Antistasi is a game mode for Arma 3 which has been developed by "barbolani". It is a game mode where the object of the game is to convert the whole island of Altis to your cause. What is your cause? Well, you are the leader of a rebel anti-establishment operation. The current government is oppressive, and an uprising needs to happen to bring stability. Initially you begin with only very basic gear. You don't have an army yet, you are a guerrilla or armed civilian. You need to use this to your advantage.

Scajaquada Valley Northern Railway: Pt1


This is a fictional description of a train ride from Amherst Yard to Barrington Yard along what will eventually be my model railway. I am hoping this will help me focus on a plan.


As expected, I once again attended the Lockport Hamfest. Usually a fairly decent hamfest, this year they had moved to a larger and nicer firehall. The turnout was very decent, however people didn't tend to hang around very long, and many vendors were packing up and leaving by about 10:30 am.. I was selling, and ended up making a pre-opening trade with another vendor, for a PLC, and some Sinclair items. I did well enough I suppose, made about $100 or so. Most of which got spent later on in the day for a Sushi dinner.


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