SVNO Locomotive Roster

The SVNO is a recently revived shortline. The right of way was owned and operated weekly by CN Rail for a while, after they purchased it from Barrington and Thomson Bay Railroad (BTBR). The BTBR had engine facilities, and passenger stations. It was a regional passenger and freight shortline which fell into decline in the 80's. Two locomotives remained with the line, and were rebranded as CN locomotives. These two locomotives were GP9's. They were part of the deal when CN sold the rights to the line to the SVNO.

Straddling and Staying Cool

It has been almost six months since President Trump took office. It seems like a lot longer however. President Trump has done a lot to begin his plans for bringing jobs back to America. The left biased mainstream media however, has been doing everything they can to shame him, and try to make republicans look bad. They have gotten so bad, that they are outright lying, and the idea of journalistic integrity has flown out the window long ago. The liberals seem to be the ones who have been inciting violence, and have been the ones who have been promoting racism, and sexism.

New Wolf Drawing!

Travail Kitten, a lovely friend of mine, has put together a lovely visual of my wild wolf, sitting on a rock at night with some slight Aurora's visible in the background. Enjoy :)


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