Advice to a New Sub: How the lifestyle differs from 50 Shades...

I messaged someone who was new to the lifestyle community, as I had seen her reference 50 Shades of Grey, and also mention she was curious to explore and learn more. But she also mentioned that 50 Shades haters, need not message her. The conversation happened on a BDSM lifestyle focused website. Here was my introduction message:

Sir Roadwolf

I am now a Knight of the No Agenda show!

The No Agenda show has been my avenue for sanity over the last several years. While I see the world crumbling around me, they have given me insight and provided an entertaining view on current events. They typically focus on news which is either bullshit, or news which is true, but under-reported. They also tend to focus on following humorous personality traits found in politicians and newscasters, and tend to harp on them to the point that it does make politics entertaining.


Antistasi is a game mode for Arma 3 which has been developed by "barbolani". It is a game mode where the object of the game is to convert the whole island of Altis to your cause. What is your cause? Well, you are the leader of a rebel anti-establishment operation. The current government is oppressive, and an uprising needs to happen to bring stability. Initially you begin with only very basic gear. You don't have an army yet, you are a guerrilla or armed civilian. You need to use this to your advantage.


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