Salt Water Aquarium Project!

I have taken the first steps towards a new and challenging hobby! Now now, I know, you will be saying "Hey Roadwolf.. Do you really need another project?" Yeah, I do have a lot of hobbies and projects on my plate I suppose. Problem is, many of them are more focused towards some sort of social aspect. Like my Model Railroad for example. The Aquarium will mostly be something I can sink money in for my own enjoyment. Something in my home office, which I can watch while I relax.

Helping Feels Good!

I happened across a single vehicle accident on the I-190 the other night in Buffalo, NY. Another volunteer was already on scene, using his personal vehicle to protect and warn traffic that there was a damaged vehicle in the center lane. The vehicle involved in the accident had heavy front end damage, and couldn't be moved, so it was a bit of a tricky situation. I am sure that volunteer was on edge the whole time he was sitting there watching trucks barreling down towards him from behind.

Old Radio Station Photos

Below are some of the first photos I took of the Radio Station I worked at. These photos were taken when I was still in High School, while I was still co-oping there as a student.


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