New Wolf Drawing!

Travail Kitten, a lovely friend of mine, has put together a lovely visual of my wild wolf, sitting on a rock at night with some slight Aurora's visible in the background. Enjoy :)

Arma 3: Liberation Redux

Ahoy folks! I have found my way back into the depths of Arma 3. A renewed vigor for fighting for the liberation and freedom of Altis, through the use of firepower and the killing of anyone who wishes to get in the way of that firepower. Sounds legit, right?

Guilt and Shame Culture

The issue with 'global warming' has always struck me as a very phony sense of fear mongering. On top of that one of my main complaints is that, human beings tend to think we are more powerful or influential than we really are. I believe that this has been a theme over the last several decades, where, as we progress with our society, we loose sight of our strengths as human beings. We are now living in what has become a guilt and shame culture. If you aren't living with some sort of guilt or shame on you, then you must be doing something wrong. Fuck that.


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