Syrian Refugees

The Syrian Refugee problem has been ongoing for almost 2 years now. However, only in the last 3 months or so has it received main stream attention here in North America. I am often asked my thoughts on this issue. My thoughts are slightly divided. So this post is mainly to help me come to terms with a solid answer for my viewpoint.

Windows 10 - Sad Fail

I am not too sure why it has come to this. I figured Windows 10 would be fairly decent. I mean, hey, this is the platform that Microsoft has chosen to stay with in the long run right? So I imagine it will be like Windows 7, which has been very stable for the past several years I have worked with it. Those who know me, would know that I am slow to adjust to new trends and technologies. I stay with something if it works, and I am not usually the first to jump into the unknown.


Monogamy has been part of human culture since humans began to farm the land and settle in family tribal villages. Prior to this, polygyny was typical. Meaning one male, or a group of males, mated within their harem of females and produced offspring in a pack-like setting, and raised the offspring in a communal manner.


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