So... Wait a second...

Sunni's equate to 90% of the Islamic population, while Shia's make up about the other 10%. ISIS is Sunni. Shia's are considered extreme Islam. But Shia's are fighting the Sunni's, so we like them. Shia's views on Islam are more pure, believing that only the blood line of Muhammed are fit to be rulers or leaders in the Islamic faith. Sunni's believe that anyone can be a leader in the faith.

Toronto PATH System

I have attempted to explain the PATH System in Toronto to some of my American colleagues. Most people from Buffalo, whom haven't visited Toronto, seem to underestimate what the PATH system is like. It truly is a city below ground. While I was up in Toronto this past weekend, I was able to wander the PATH system and snap some photos.

Syrian Refugees

The Syrian Refugee problem has been ongoing for almost 2 years now. However, only in the last 3 months or so has it received main stream attention here in North America. I am often asked my thoughts on this issue. My thoughts are slightly divided. So this post is mainly to help me come to terms with a solid answer for my viewpoint.


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