2007 Crown Victoria Repair: Intake Manifold

Over this past winter, I had to do a bit of an unplanned repair. I was getting misfires in my #5 and 6 cylinders, and upon further investigation, I had found that the seal between the intake manifold and the head of the engine was leaking, causing coolant to seep into my spark plug cavities. I had also noticed some oil leaking in from the valve cover gasket as well, so it was time to replace both.

...to be a Dom.

Having observed the online lifestyle subculture now for a few years, I can say that I really don't exactly affiliate with it very closely. Maybe, that means I am not a real Dom? Well, as far as soceital views go, maybe not. Society in general views Doms, today as masogynistic and generally abusive people who don't conform to the current 'equality' trend.


I think this movie is important to watch, not only for those in the UK, but also for any citizen in the world. While sure it is propaganda which is being produced by the LEAVE Campaign, but it is still a mostly valid and realistic look at global politics.


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