L4D / TF2

I have been playing WoW (World of Warcraft) on and off for a good 4 years now.  To me the game has always lacked a lot of actual gameplay quality and has been more of a social game.  Having run a few guilds, I fulfiled my social needs in WoW by being socially active in the guilds I ran.  I enjoyed it and I was apparently pretty good at guild management, so they tell me.

UE: Ontario Power Company

I first explored this gem on my birthday in 2005.  It was February and it was cold out.  With snow and ice on the sidewalks surrounding the famous Niagara Falls.  At 1 am on a cold February night, we walked down to the boardwalk.  Only a few random tourists were there taking photos of the Falls.  (with the flash on of course.......  because you KNOW that will come out!!!)   Near the Maid of the Mist building there is an access ramp which runs down the cliff to the abandoned power station.  We hopped a small fence, and got onto this road.

How Hard is it? (maybe TL;DR)

I have been wanting to write for the past few days, however I either never get the time, or can never really put my thoughts into words.  This post will dive deeper into my emotions then I usually allow myself to go in such a posting.  It dives into my relations with my friends and the people around me, as well as me thoughts and desires in all of this.

I seem to have few friends who stay around for long.  Perhaps I push them away, perhaps they stray away on their own.  Maybe I am just a bad friend.  I am unsure.


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