State Parks

I recently went on a scouting trip to find and scout out a fairly large and well praised state park.  The state park was said by many to be 'roughing it'.  After a long drive through a lot of native reserves and run down towns, I finally arrived at the state park.  The entrance road was not well kept,  large pot holes and a rusting guard rail led me up to the gatehouse.  The 16 year old (or there abouts) 'gate keeper' at the gate house gladly took my 15 dollars for a day pass, however could not offer any advice on where to go in the park to see good camp grounds.  She also neglected to give


I have been spending a lot of time working on a Trainz route recently.  Trainz is a Railway simulator program which is very realistic and fairly easy to build prototypical routes with.  In the past I have attempted to create the CP Mainline from Vancouver to Edmonton, but I gave up half way...  (i hadn't even put any scenery in so it wasnt a big loss).  Now that I have taught myself quite a bit more about the program, I have decided to try to make another large route.  It will be a mountain pass similar to the Calgary / Edmonton corridor, but it will likely be shorter.

An Engineer in a Throw-away Society

Engineering, a formerly respected profession, has seemingly been changed into a extinct profession in most cases.  I was a 'Radio Broadcast Engineer'...  Well, technically I was a technician.  But the Radio Industry considers both to be the same title.  My job was to ensure the Radio Station ran correctly; All components were in working order, and if need be, to replace defective units with working ones.  I also did get to do some design work, but it was rare.


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