Vandorf Ontario. A small blip on the landscape, between Newmarket and Toronto.

McCurdy Radio Consoles

If you ask many people who work in Radio today if they are familiar with the name McCurdy, chances are you will find that most people have never heard of the name. McCurdy Radio was a Canadian company (They did have a US Division, located in Buffalo, NY, however I believe they originated in Canada - correct me if I am wrong) which produced high end analog audio equipment, mainly geared towards the broadcast industry. To my knowledge, the company no longer exists, which is a shame. However, those in the know, still collect McCurdy equipment.

UE: German Orphanage (Buffalo)

The Buffalo German Orphanage was an orphanage on the East Side of Buffalo, NY. I have been here exploring a few times. This trip was with a bunch of my friends from Toronto. I remember the priest from the church on site was telling us a bit about the history of the place before we went in. We took our time and respected the place. Not everyone did that however... One time I went with a guy who runs a blog called "FixBuffalo".


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