A Shortage of Skilled Electronics Nerds.

Being a self taught individual, I have never gone to College, nor did I really focus on many of my High School courses. I tend to focus on topics that interest me, and which are useful to me, in that specific instance in time. I then do what I can to teach myself the foundations of the skills I need to accomplish a task, and try my best to perform that task. Usually it doesn't come out amazingly well my first time, but often good enough for it to function.

WolfRoad creates another amazing image.

I recently commissioned artist WolfRoad to create a new image for my wild wolf character. I first met WolfRoad online, back in 2013. She is a Belrusian artist who shares an affinity for wolves. With her name being essentially similar to my name, it is easy to figure that we took the effort to connect with each other. At the time she only spoke Russian, and I relied on Google Translate to communicate with her. I even began teaching myself Russian to communicate with this wonderful lady.

Good Friends

Through the years I have made many many friends over the internet. In fact, it has historically been the most common place where I would end up making new friends. It is also the medium which I tend to use to keep in touch with those friends. Indeed, I am not alone in this. Many people rely on the internet to make friends, and for some, it is their only means to make friends. This becomes a problem when we are too scared to step out of the digital world, and meet those friends face to face.


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