Truck Project: Update!

It is way past due for a 'Truck Project' update!. I realized I had not really been keeping up on that. The truck has had a lot of work done to it, since the original post, and purchase of the truck two years ago.

Aquarium: Tank Installed!

Woo! It is now beginning to look fancy. With about 4 coats of black enamel paint on the rear glass, and holes drilled in the floor to accommodate 2 reinforced nylon pipes (one for drain, and one for supply), the tank was able to be finally positioned in place.

Out There: How Flying Saucers Work...

This post might be a tad on the ... unusual side, even for me.

While I have had my own personal close encounter with a UFO (when I was 8), I often do not speak of it. Not out of fear, or concern that people may think I am crazy. No, it is more just something I eventually shrugged off, and accepted. In a way, I kind of feel gifted for having had such an experience.


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