Volunteering/Emergency Response: Current Status: 2021

Many years have gone by since I really wrote about Emergency Response stuff on here. Most of these posts were written before I became employed where I am now.

Medina Railroad Museum

A few weeks ago I went to the Medina Railroad Museum. What a great experience. This Museum isn't just about Train's either. It is a collection from Martin C. Phelps, a retired Batavia Fire Fighter who sadly passed away in 2017. Fire fighting, Military and Train collections are all included in the Museum. But I would say the shining attraction is the huge model railroad.


A chapter of my life has just ended. Sable has headed back to Texas. I am now, for the first time ever, fully alone, and independent. And I am feeling okay about it. Yesterday I began going thru the kitchen, figuring out my meal plan for the next few days. I did some cleaning, and it felt great.


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