Epic Hero Move!

Balls of Titanium! Well done.


I was gifted this wonderful game by my friend Dawson. Thanks man! What an amazing game.

Now, not much scares me. Things that probably should, don't. Which means that this game is pretty fun for me. Until I 'invest' a lot of game-money in equipment. Then I worry about losing the equipment when I die.

2020 Thoughts

The thought that I have been dwelling on lately has been about Masks. You can't see people smile in masks. This evening I was driving through downtown Buffalo, and I slowed down for a gentleman, whom, for context was black. Since I was driving in a limited access area, I typically yield to pedestrians as people aren't used to me driving there. He saw me and got out of my way, and then pulled down his mask to give me the thumbs up, or a hitchhiker sign, but then gave a big wide smile. I smiled in turn and nodded.


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