2020 Thoughts

The thought that I have been dwelling on lately has been about Masks. You can't see people smile in masks. This evening I was driving through downtown Buffalo, and I slowed down for a gentleman, whom, for context was black. Since I was driving in a limited access area, I typically yield to pedestrians as people aren't used to me driving there. He saw me and got out of my way, and then pulled down his mask to give me the thumbs up, or a hitchhiker sign, but then gave a big wide smile. I smiled in turn and nodded. Had we both had our masks on, that interaction could of been seen in many other ways.

That got me thinking about how essential our facial expressions are to human interaction, and society as a whole. Smiling, and the subtle face movements around the mouth, nose, and cheeks carry a huge amount of information about someones mood, intentions or other emotions. It is how we as humans engage in an empathetic way, before any spoken word can indicate if something is wrong, or something is good.

So being told we must wear a mask, is a-kin to being told we must remove all emotional support. We must be completely emotionless, and faceless. And perhaps this was part of the catalyst that sparked the events following the release of a biologically engineered virus upon the world from a Chinese lab that has ties to Bills Gates among others.

In response to that, I would say, maybe we should make smiley masks? Or just stop wearing them at this point, unless you, yourself, have a compromised health issue. The amount of studies that are piling up showing that wearing masks too much is actually very bad for our health and causes many problems, is not overly surprising to me. But our democratic leaders want us to be submissive, and the mask is a perfect way to symbolize a gag. Indeed... Shut up Slave. Do as we say.

I won't even go any deeper into the rabbit hole that is Corona. I will only say that my initial thoughts on it were more accurate than the models, and personally I really doubt that shutting down really stemmed the spread too much.

What is interesting to see is the whole BLM thing. I don't want to go down that rabbit hole too much either, because I do believe that it is a bunch of bullshit. Indeed, all lives matter. Respect is earned, and given when it is returned. That being said it is fairly clear to me that the movement is a very marxist movement, which is trying to destroy America. At least that is what the 'Mainstream' Media wants to propagate.

It is indeed interesting that the Democratically run cities seem to have the most problems with poverty. I would indeed blame the welfare system, and it's requirement of not being allowed to have a father in the household, a requirement before anyone can collect. Indeed welfare is a broken system to begin with, and there is much work needed to figure out a better way to help support those in the community who need more help. But I imagine some of it might also have to do with the school systems. That issue is a problem that is well beyond the scope of this blog post, and is really for experts in that field to discuss and deliberate over. But I really don't believe that 'hard work, and the nuclear family' are racist. These are just tactics being used to cause a divide and tear apart the country.

One thing we need to understand is that China owns a lot! It really does. China now owns a lot of Hollywood. China owns or funds a large portion of the 'Mainsteam Media', and China shoves money into a lot of Democratic pockets. Not to mention all the technology and social media platforms they own outright, and control. Why is this bad?

It is an issue when you consider that we now have a foreign power, which has invested so heavily in the cultural development of America and Canada too, that it now is in a position to shape and form the cultural molds that drive the culture. And guess what? They are doing it. Throw in some help from George Soros, and other New World Order types, and you have a real shit storm that is brewing to in effect take over and destroy American culture.

Now, with that said. It only works if we buy into it. Honestly... I have been out on the streets of Buffalo through this whole year. I have not been locked away in my home. I was out there during the riots. I was out there during the lock-down. And I am still out there. Do you know one thing I do notice? A lot of people (especially those who were essential workers, and weren't forced to stay home for months).... Think this is all Bullshit, and fake, and they tend to believe that this is all being overplayed and politicized. Sure, some may even say it is all President Trumps fault. Maybe it is? I am sure if he wasn't in office, and they didn't need something to force him out of Office, none of this would of happened this year. But a surprising amount of people I do meet, outright openly talk about how they are supporting Trump.

Do yourself a favor for sanity. Keep calm. Realize everything will be okay. Human beings are generally good natured. And... Carry on. Avoid the Fear Porn called Social Media and the Mainstream... Be nice. And you know what? We will get thru this.