Trains are fun to watch!

Sable asked me to re-write an old story I wrote when I was 6 or so.... Here is the original:

Railfanning is fun! There is so much variety in what types of rail traffic you can see. My favorite locomotives are CN's Zebra Stripe full cowl units. Tank cars carry chemicals, and any liquid good. Autoracks haul new cars from the factory to automobile distributor yards. Flatcars often haul unusual loads. Boxcars carry all sorts of items, from general goods, to huge rolls of paper for printing presses, to automotive body parts. Refrigerated Boxcars haul perishable food to market. Gone are the days of the Caboose where the conductor would sit at the end of the train, but it was always a fun thing to watch for in my youth. Rail cars usually ride on a pair of 'bogeys' which each have 2 axles. Trains use a Westinghouse style of air brake, which works well, but due to the weight and speeds trains travel at, can't stop a train on a dime. Nothing really can. I do enjoy watching trains when I can. The house I grew up in was beside a rail line which saw about 30 trains a day in rail traffic at times.