Guilt and Shame Culture

The issue with 'global warming' has always struck me as a very phony sense of fear mongering. On top of that one of my main complaints is that, human beings tend to think we are more powerful or influential than we really are. I believe that this has been a theme over the last several decades, where, as we progress with our society, we loose sight of our strengths as human beings. We are now living in what has become a guilt and shame culture. If you aren't living with some sort of guilt or shame on you, then you must be doing something wrong. Fuck that.

I live guilt and shame free. Someone tells me that I am a white man, and therefore I should have white guilt? Maybe they should of walked a while in my shoes. Let's see if they could of accomplished what I have so far. If they can, great - good for them, otherwise... well then that is why I am here, and they aren't. My own efforts and skill - not my skin color or sex. I had to prove myself, and pass tests to get where I am. I had to turn a childhood hobby and interest, into a life long career. I have never gotten anything given, or handed to me for free, without effort or expense on my part. And I would likely feel more guilty taking something for free like that, as opposed to earning it with my own efforts and merit.

Same goes for the climate. I recently read that President Trump was re-focusing the EPA to go back to worrying about making sure our air and water are clean again. Perfect. That is what they really should be doing. I asked myself why they need to be refocused, but the answer came to be before I even finished asking myself. The EPA has been so busy trying to convince people of 'global warming' that it might have lost sight of its original purpose. This story is what made me think of the theme for this post. If we focused ourselves on just being clean, and going on about our lives whilst respecting the environment, than we will be living in harmony with nature in a sense. Sure we have technology and we will still be burning fossil fuels and wood... But we will be doing that in as respectful a manner as is reasonable. We are - afterall - part of nature as well.

On the other hand, if we focus on the future, and what all of humanity might do to harm the earth one day, that equates to living in a fearful and self-denying state for our whole life, denying yourself the rights to live and evolve freely. When you are in that state of fear that you are overly responsible for something that is going wrong that you really have no control over, you will hide yourself in a corner. This will repress innovation and progress of humanity and technology.

I know... This is an odd post. I was half asleep when I wrote it, and it really hasn't been edited yet. But, maybe it makes sense. Or maybe I am just a nut? you decide. Comment below :P