What is Going On? Where have I been?

The last few months, you may have noticed that I haven't written too much on here. I neglected this website, and many other online responsibilities of mine. The main reason behind this was because I was focusing so much on taking care of things in reality. From various upgrades and repair projects that I have undertaken in the garage, to serious plumbing issues in the house. On top of that, I have a lot of social stuff to take care of as well. Plus the fact that I am working day shift now, which has contributed a great deal to this change of mine.


As a Canadian with a Green Card living in Canada, I am often asked about my thoughts on President Trump. Specifically, if I am worried about him at all. The answer is no. I personally think that Trump has had a solid Nationalist opinion on how this country should be run, and that opinion has been solid since the early 90's. Trump isn't a sell out politician, nor is he in this for personal fame, or money. Trump has a belief in how the country should be run, and what needs to be done to fix it. And it does need fixing. For far too long, the American federal government has been focusing on problems overseas. So many resources have been directed outwardly, while problems here at home linger and fester. We need to focus on these problems, and work to better the lives of all Americans.

I honestly didn't believe he would get elected. I knew many people wanted to see him get in, but I figured that the globalist world powers would prevent him from winning somehow. Alas, the system works, and he was elected into power. This has been so inspiring that I have decided that I want to actually go for my American Citizenship.

I personally have always been a Nationalist, and see the importance in Borders. They really are the only way to protect home grown values and culture in the long term. Sure, one world government is an alluring dream of unity; but in the real world that would only bring more turmoil, less freedom, and less voting power to voice your opinion. To imagine what a globalist government would do, all you have to do is study the political dynamics of Europe in the 15th Century, and you should understand why borders are important. Not to mention taking a look at the 'EU' now, and all of its failures and strife.

As for the Media and 'News' coverage... Well.. The Mainstream Media is like a star that has gone supernova. It is a dead concept, but they will still be around for a while until the light of that supernova reaches earth. On that note, they have been grasping farther and farther away from being anything remotely authentic in terms of journalistic bias, that to call what most 'news' outlets do these days, as factual and non-bias reporting, is laughable at best.

Social Stuff

Since November, I have been seeing Heather, a former girlfriend of mine. Her situation at home has been unsettling to her, and I could tell she needed some help with her confidence and strength. It had been almost 15 years since we last saw each other in person, and I did have to warn her that I was quite a bit more skilled (or seductive) these days, and that it would be difficult for her. She lives in Canada, and I was firm in saying that due to the fact that we live in different countries, that there was a limit as to how far things can really go, and that that limit would be very difficult and trying on her at times. I was right, the distance has been tough on her, but on the positive note, she is more confident and stronger when dealing with issues at home. So my guidance is working well, and helping her out.

While Heather is almost a perfect fit for a submissive for me, she is not local to me at all. And therefore I really can't take things to that extent. My luck in finding a local submissive who seemed to be comfortable with my situation has been very poor; at least up until recently. I very rarely meet anyone on OkCupid whom I can engage in conversation with for more than 20 messages or so. Often females are scared away by the fact that I am married... Anyhow, I recently met someone on OkCupid who I have been seeing for several weeks now, whom is interested in exploring the D/s lifestyle to some extent with me. The bonus for me is that she really gets along well with my wife, and therefore social activities with the three of us are something that does happen, and is always fun.


My birthday recently came and went. 35 years old now! My wife wanted to treat me to a big birthday this year for some reason. She ended up treating me to a dinner at the Melting Pot, then paying for a Jacuzzi suite at a nearby hotel where I could spend the night with my new friend that I mentioned above. The following day we had a dinner at my house, with my wife baking a lasagna, and my girlfriend baking the cake. The cake she made was awesome! Designed to resemble my wolf avatar.

When my buddy Jake and his wife joined us, we played table top games. We had a lot of fun with the card game 'exploding kittens'... All in all, it was a great birthday. And probably the first time that I can remember when I have been able to walk around outside in shorts and a T-Shirt on my birthday.

Birth mother

I recently came in contact with my biological birth mother. She lives up in Northern Ontario, and doesn't have any online presence which explains why I haven't been able to find her online. That has been an interesting journey in itself. Supposedly my biological father is in Sault Ste Marie now, and is also curious about me. It has surely been interesting learning about my birth mother, and I do respect her for the tough choices she had to make. I truly did have a much better life than I would have, had she not given me up for adoption. I have been told that personality wise, I am similar to my birth father, and so I am curious to meet him. I imagine he would have some interesting stories and adventures to share.

Getting Stuff Done

I mentioned that I have been more focused on real world tasks as of late, as opposed to virtual tasks. This has been a focus of mine for a few years now. To break free of my 'online' security blanket and just focus on real things. I think I am pretty much there. The only reason I have time to sit down and write this post is because I hurt myself. My poor jeep died while my wife was out at the store. I had to head out to rescue her, and sadly couldn't get the jeep to turn over. I got it towed back to my house, and in the process of pushing it into my garage, I twisted my ankle and strained a couple tendons. This means that my plans for working on my 'Lofty Lair' this weekend are to be shelved for the moment.

But yes, I have been busy. I completely replaced the rear brake system in the Jeep. I installed a heater in the Garage. I purchased a tool chest for the garage. I purchased a mini-split heat pump system for the Loft. I have been working on cleaning up the basement and also doing plumbing. Not to mention the work I have done in terms of helping friends with their own vehicular issues. I was also doing some yard work. I think that I will have more grass troubles this year. I am not looking forward to that. Would be nice if I had some help with landscaping issues. I really need to figure out a way to utilize a backhoe or a skid-steer for a month or so.