Star Citizen

Oh lookie here... My new ship.

Star Citizen, is a new crowdfunded space based MMORPG. Like many before it, it promises the ability to do anything, in a completely open world that the community controls. While it is still in early Alpha, it is already showing signs of accomplishing more than many previous attempts have in the past. The game already features the ability to walk around on your ship and even to get out of your piloting chair while your flying. Your ship can even have a crew if it is large enough.

My buddy 'J.D.A.M.' and I have decided to make a clan there, which will focus on odd jobs. However, with the development in its current stages, we are just testing the game, and learning about it for now. It is not nearly playable enough to focus too much attention to it just yet.

But be sure to check it out if you are into this genre of games.