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I have a large assortment of Photos. This is an attempt to consolidate all my posts involving photography into one place. Like everything on this site, it is a work in progress. :)

Photo Archive

Random Nature / Landscape Photos - Volume One.
Hogg's Hallow Bridge
Off Roading Van
Microwave Site
Bicycle Graveyard
Lazy Aurora Night
Parsons Turbine (From Hearn)
Basement Apartment

January 2000 Photos of CFRB when I began working there!

July 2006 Algonquin Trip

December 2008 Haycreek Road in Algonquin Park, Ontario.
October 2013 Algonquin Trip 2013

Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
Buffalo Aud Albums: Start here *** One of the best Aud Albums around ***
2004 and 2005: Don Valley Brickworks

Urban Exploration: UE Photo Albums