Normal law abiding citizens...

... likely fall into some category which lists them as a potential terrorist.  At least according to the FBI.  Recent reports suggest that a memo released by the FBI intended for local police departments, in order for them to recognize terrorists.  The memo basically suggests that anybody who holds any conspiracy theory which places the American government as being bad guys in some sense, is a potential terrorist.  It goes on to suggest that people who purchase chemicals, or dual use items are also on that list.  Dual use items would be considered as items which could be used for good things, but also could be turned into something bad.  Like perhaps pressure cookers?  Or bleach?  Or a pocket knife?  Or a can of gasoline, used to fuel your lawn mower?

This is similar to training I endured a few years ago, in which I was basically told that every activity that constitutes a railfan (watching trains, making notes, listening to communications) are in fact key signs of a terrorist planning to blow up rail infrastructure.  Two very different activities.  This placed railfans as suspected terrorists, when the threat of any terrorist attack on the rail system was likely never even present.  I bet that since i got that training, no legitimate terrorist, has scouted out a railway in such a manner in the United States of America.  Sure there was that odd event in Canada...  But still...  Thousands of railfans are technically committing actions every day that classify them as terrorists, and to what effect?  The photos in this post are from the documents received during that training, and are not classified documents.

Railfan Photo of a railfan in a DHS issued training course on how to recognize terrorists.

I have written before about American patriots being portrayed as terrorists.  Patriots, who cling to the constitution and stand by Statue Liberty, are in my eyes the true Americans.  People who enjoy the way of life, and have American blood running through their veins.  Sure, some might be radically American, but I imagine that most of them would not seek out to harm anyone.  Those that don't are likely people who would be criminals no matter what they believed in.  By radically American, I generally refer to people who are proud of their country and glad to live here.

Patriot From the same DHS issues training material on how to identify terrorism, this photo shows that Patriot groups are listed as terrorist threats.

But as it seems, many are no longer happy with what the administration is doing with the country.  So I could see the administration looking at these patriots as adversaries.  This is a major indicator of a police or military state.

Most patriots would tend to agree that the current administration is trashing the constitution.  Heck even myself, an impartial Canadian can see this.  But because of this, that seems to make these patriots guilty of harboring negative views and conspiracy theories against the current administration.

The interesting thing to note is that now that half of America has been deemed potential terrorists, the federal intelligence agencies can freely spy on everything you do without a warrant.  Not that I imagine they weren't doing that before, but now they are legally allowed to.

The game seems to be in play, and history seems to be repeating itself.  Go and read In The Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson.  There are many parallels to pre-war Nazi Germany and the current state of things in America.  It is actually kind of scary and making me consider if I want to even stay here, or move back to Canada.  I imagine that the act of just posting this post, deems me a potential terrorist, even tho I have no intention of ever harming anyone.  Isn't that kinda scary?  I was scared to post this post in fact, but decided to anyhow.  As far as I am aware, there is still freedom of speech - but maybe that is no longer true.

What can really be done about this?  At this point, I don't think that there will be any peaceful end to the abuse of American people by their own Government under the guise of protecting them from 'Terrorism'.  The real terrorists here are the feds.  And I believe that the civilians are powerless to do anything about it, in either a diplomatic, democratic or even in an armed conflict sense.  Assuming the American Military wasn't compromised, and would actually do their job, they should be the ones standing up to protect the American population from this sort of tyranny.