Apparently I am a Libertarian.  (I took the test at:
9% of the public
What They Believe

  • Economically very conservative but moderate to liberal on social issues
  • Highly critical of government
  • Strongly pro-business
  • Accepting of homosexuality
  • Less religious than the average American
  • Moderate views about immigrants compared to other GOP-oriented groups

Who They Are

  • Strong Republican-orientation, though a majority identify as independents
  • Affluent: 39% have incomes of $75,000 or more
  • Two-thirds are male
  • 85% are non-Hispanic whites
  • About seven-in-ten (71%) have attended college
  • About half as likely as the two strongest GOP groups to attend church weekly
  • 56% use social networking sites
  • 36% trade stocks