My UFO Experience

With various political and professional figures coming out recently, and telling their stories.  I figured it was time to tell mine.  While I do not believe it to be a very important close encounter in the grand scheme of things, it is none the less interesting to me.
It all happened one Summer night in perhaps 1990.  My parents were out of town, and my Aunt was over babysitting.  My cousin was also over.  He was about 12 at the time, while I was about 8.  It was maybe 11pm or so,  Ryan (my cousin) and I were playing with Legos in my bedroom, which faced out onto the quiet dead end street infront of our house.  I lived in Thornhill, which at the time was a quiet suburban community North of Toronto.  My Blinds were closed and my windows were opened a little.  It was a still and clear night.  Only the constant din of the nearby Highway 404 was audible as we played with my Legos.  My Aunt was already asleep, in my parents room, which also looked out onto the street.  This was a 2 story house, and all the bedrooms were on the 2nd floor.  There were no trees of any significance in our front yard, and no tall structures anywhere in view from my bedroom window.
Buttonville Airport was about a Mile away, and as such, it was a no fly zone unless aircraft were landing or taking off.  I would often see and hear many types of aircraft from my bedroom.  Air Ambulances, Helicopters, Corporate Jets, commercial jets, small props, the Goodyear Blimp, The Concorde! (6 times a year it would fly over my house), and even the occassional military cargo plane.  Not only that, but I was also on a glide path for Pearson International Airport which was a good 10 Miles away.  If I recall, Buttonville traffic usually circled about 1400 ft ASL, to 2400 ft ASL, and Pearson traffic on the glide path usually were about 3000 ASL over my house.
So obviously Ryan and I were quite shocked when my windows lit up bright, as if a spotlight was pointed at them.  The light in my room was on, but the glow around the edge of the window blinds was almost pure white if I recall correctly.  We exchanged confused looks, and both went to the window.  We both peeked through the blinds so wee a very bright light, in an oval shape hovering about 30 to 40 feet above the streetlight which was infront of my neighbours house.  I recall looking around at the other houses, and none of them appeared to be lit up at all.  Nor was my yard.  Infact if it wasn't for a oval light in the sky, everything appeared normally lit.
My window was opened as I mentioned, but we heard no sound at all.  We watched the light float perfectly still above the street light, still apparently shining just at us.  Assuming the light was directly above the street light, and aproximately 30 to 40 feet above said street light (I recall it being the 2 times the height of the street light above the ground) - Then I would have to say that the light was about 20 feet across at its widest point.
We both watched quietly for a minute or two.  Then we saw the light dim quickly and as it did so, it flew off to the North in the direction of Aurora, / Newmarket and was gome in less then a second - gaining altitude crazy fast as it did so.  When the light was dim, we could make out a faint triangular shape which was larger then the source of the light.  Perhaps 50 feet or so across.
At the time, York Region, nor any police service in the area were using helicopters, so that was ruled out.  Also the fact that we did not hear anything.  I happened to have a book called "Aircraft of the 21st century" which I got for Christmas the previous year.  Ryan and I frantically looked through the book, looking for something that looked similar to what we saw.  We found nothing in the book.  At a loss, we barged into my parents room to find my Aunt asleep.  We woke her up and told her what we saw.  She told us to go back to sleep.  In the morning we got up early, and went outside to 'look for burn marks on the ground'.  We did not find any.
Being 8 years old, I did not report it to anyone.  I did not see anyone else peeking through their windows that night.  I do not think anyone else saw it.  I would be willing to get more information as to the possible date, by co-ordinating with my Aunt, Parents and Cousin to try and fill in the gaps in my memory - assuming someone knew of a known report in the area in that general time frame.
Because of this event, I am sure that we are not alone.  What I saw was not man made.  I am sure of this.  Neither my cousin, nor myself were on any type of drugs, nor were we under the influence of any alcohol.  We were just 2 boys playing Lego.  We both remember it to this day, and I know that my Cousin does not like to talk about it.