Global Warming Redux

I believe I have written about this before, however I think I need to re-hash this.

I heard some unknown scientist today talking on NPR about how President Obama should be using this Oil Spill in the Gulf to condem the oil industry and say hey, this may be a disaster, but it is also a similar disaster to use the same oil to pollute the air in our cars.

Well I wouldn't expect Mr. Obama to say that, because it is utter garbage.  Okay, so maybe if we didn't demand so much on oil, this spill may not have happened.  But saying that refined gasoline will pollute the earth as much as the crude oil is, is absurd.  Saying that would make Mr. Obama look like an uneducated puppet, which he is not.

I don't know what they promote in this unknown scientists 'college' in Vermont, but I do not imagine it is a well known place of study.

It is well known that global warming is natural, and only slightly influenced by human activities.  A single volcano like the one in Europe that erupted earlier this year, puts out more carbons into the atmosphere then we do in a year.   And volcanoes are erupting every day.  The earth is unstable,  its temperature is never constant.  It is influenced by the Sun, by the Moon, by the internal workings of our planet.  Our influence has very little effect in the long run.

Eventually the earth will not support human life anymore.  Not because of anything we have done (unless it is nuclear war), but because a cosmic event will happen which may change the world as we know it.   These events are bound to happen every few hundred thousand years.  Be it a super-volcano like the one under Yellowstone, which could wipe out all of Western North America., or a comet, or meteoroid.

So all you Global Warming freaks who thing that just because our planet has warmed up by 1 degree - that it is a global emergency; go suck on a lemon.  Sure, being green is good!  I fully support the move for clean energy, and nuclear energy.  But do not panic over it.  Also, Green energy will have its side effects as well...  Everything has side effects.  Solar Cells will reflect / block the suns energy from reaching the ground, and thusly effect the ground under them.   Wind turbines cause issues for birds, and may also un-naturally slow down prevailing winds slightly enough to alter local weather patterns.

Just some food for thought.