.. and a Tornado.

I had a rather interesting dream just now.  I was some kind of driver.  Either delivering long haul cross country items in my own car, or just the fact that I liked driving and seemed to have an unlimited amount of gas money.  Either way the dream starts off with myself driving along a country road during a storm.  Up ahead I see a tornado which crosses the road infront of me.  I was climbing a hill, and the fields were perfectly green fields on either side of me.  I could see for miles.

Upon reaching the intersection where the tornado crossed (it was a small tornado) I stopped to see if there was anyone I needed to help.  I didn't see any damage on the various buildings, so I continued onward.  My destination was a place I could not recognize on a map, but lets just say it was in the middle of nowhere , and kinda northern.

A lot of time and miles went by as green rolling hills of crops turned into boreal forests...

I remember a female sometimes rode with me, but she often had her own routes too.  For some reason, this female and myself were together in this northern town.  I remember being in a crown vic, with lights of course.  But no interior.  I remember sitting in a wooded parking lot, for no particular reason, watching a train pass.  For some odd reason, the road we needed to use was also a railroad, and thus we needed the line to be clear to continue driving up the road.   It was snowy, and the only path on this strange road were narrow tire tracks in the snow, alongside the rails for the train.  The line cleared and we advanced northward.

We got up to a small settlement of a few houses nestled away in a forest up the line a bit...  Just in time to clear yet another train.  We rang the doorbell of one house and were welcomed inside.  Inside I was greeted by the owners, and some sort of bionic or seriously genetically modified dog, which looked kinda like a giant crab.  There was another giant crab thing which had just died.   Its corpse was visible from the hallway.  The inside of the cabin was dark and candle lit.

We talked about the dog, and about how it was dying.  Then we left.  The two of us split ways, The female had to go back to another town about 200 miles away for something and I had to head in another direction.  We were sad because we knew we wouldn't see each other for some time.  We said our goodbyes, and each departed in separate vehicles, which was strange seeming as we arrived in one.

These were just fragments of the main story that I remembered, but the dream ended right then.