Model Railroad: Electrical...

I am making progress on the layout. Currently in the midst of wiring up the new wall and far side of the room. All in all there are 9 switched 120VAC circuits for the loft. most for lighting.

1. General Shop Lights.
2. Train Room Wall Sconces
3. Train Room Day Lighting
4. Train Room Night Lighting
5. Train Room Accessory Power
6. Train Room Night Scene Lighting.
7. Safety Lighting
8. 'Kitchen' Lighting
9. Bathroom Lighting ??

Model Railroad: 2020 Push!

There has been some renewed interest for my model railroad as of late. The Scajaquada Valley Northern Railroad has been a long term project that has often taken the back-burner many times. It involves the use of a climate controlled 'loft' space above my Garage, which was formerly a hay loft for the carriage house.

Trains are fun to watch!

Sable asked me to re-write an old story I wrote when I was 6 or so.... Here is the original:


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