Ham Radio

Amateur radio (or Ham Radio) is a very cool hobby for anyone who is interested in electronics. Ham Radio has many applications in other hobby fields as well, such as Drones / Model Aviation, Back Country exploring, Four-Wheeling, and even hunting and fishing. It is also interesting to explore as it offers alternative ways to send digital messages around the world.

Ham radio even has its own broadband internet mesh-network in some areas, and if the internet was completely shut down, this network could be used in a similar, fashion to some extent. You may not be streaming video over it, but text based websites, and photos should be a maintainable goal.

The problem with Ham radio is that it is often populated by older hams, or tight cliques, who all tend to be slightly biggoted to new ideas, or differing opinions. Think of it like a world wide, general purpose, non commercial 4chan forum over the airways, minus the swearing and adult content.

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